I waited for nothing, but nothing never came.

I run away from gilded corners,

And the creature on my dresser.

I don’t want him to follow me,

So I run even faster.


I walk away from furrowed faces,

Whose wrinkles catch the rain.

And the cup that left me first,

despite its lack of legs.


I tread towards a hollow wood,

Exhausted  from the pain.

It is there that I find nothingness,

and I want to fall inside,

But I realized I was something,

and nothing doesn’t lie.


So I crawl back to the city,

To the sad phone calls, and shame,

And what I realized then,

Was that our something was the same.


I am so tired.

I find sleep on a dirty blanket

whose surface moves like waves

And when my head can breathe no more,

I let it float away.



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